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Why was I declined?


Card requests are declined when Walmart MoneyCard can't verify your identity based on the information provided. Federal law requires that Walmart MoneyCard verifies the identity of all of their customers. This is done by collecting name, date of birth, address and Social Security number, and then verifying that information through third parties. 


When that information can't be verified, it may be because:

  • The information wasn't entered correctly (e.g., the name or address was misspelled)
  • The address provided was a PO Box or prison address
  • The information provided doesn't match (e.g., the Social Security number doesn't match the name, or DOB, or a person submits their married name before officially changing it)
  • The information isn't yet part of the public record (e.g., if someone was very recently issued a Social Security number)
  • The individual has exceeded the maximum number of open and active Walmart MoneyCards tied to their Social Security number
  • The information is earmarked in our system such that we will not issue a card (e.g., due to previously suspect activity)
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