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Where to cash a TPG-issued check


Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) offers several check cashing solutions with national brands to help you cash checks issued by TPG. TPG also offers the Walmart MoneyCard in tax professional offices across the US as a great alternative to paper checks.



Checks up to $7,500 cashed for a cost up to $6

  • COST: $3-6 ($3 fee for checks up to $1,000 and $6 or less for checks greater than $1,000)
  • CHECK AMOUNT: Up to $7,500
  • AVAILABILITY: Participating Walmart locations from first day of filing thru Dec. 31st*

 Find a Walmart location near you


Checks up to $9,500 cashed for one standard fee**

  • COST: $10
  • CHECK AMOUNT: Up to $9,500
  • AVAILABILITY: Any Wells Fargo bank location from first day of filing through April 30th

Find a Wells Fargo location near you


Customer must obtain a Refund Transfer (separate fees apply).

* $2,000 in Florida and $2,500 in Connecticut. Check cashing not available in NY, NJ and RI.

** TPG is not sponsored or endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.. Checks may be cashed at Wells Fargo Bank branch locations. A check cashing fee will be charged to anyone cashing a check who does not have a Wells Fargo deposit account in accordance with Wells Fargo's standard fees for check cashing. The current fee is $10 per check.

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